Nestlé Toll House Frozen Cookie Dough

For the first time, the fresh-baked taste of Nestlé Toll House cookies was available in the freezer aisle. Inspired by America’s favorite chocolate chip cookie scratch recipe, families can enjoy cookies from freezer to oven at any time.

Chandon Sparkling Wine "Tango"

The challenge was that sparkling wine sales spike around holidays and celebrations. But how do make the brand relevant all year around? We created some visual breakthrough and repositioned the sparkling wine as a catalyst to make any occasion more fun.

Sharp Aquos "Flower"

Stouffer's Farmers' Harvest

Nestlé understands that people want to eat wholesome meals without giving up taste. That’s why the company introduced Stouffer's Farmer's Harvest. Farmers argue whether the cream or peppers make the Fettuccini Alfredo so good.

Crestron "New Remote Controls"

Successfully launched an integrated campaign for next-generation, residential home automation remote controls towards dealers and consumers.

Sharp Aquos "Peacock"

Liberty Mutual "Falling Car"

Stouffer's Sautés‎ For Two

Like most Americans, couples are busy during the week with schedules that don’t always align. Stouffer’s Saute for Two is easy to make and helps couples reconnect over dinner. It turns any night into date night.

Liberty Mutual "Surgeon"

Liberty Mutual has a long history of pioneering safety research. We created work based on the notion of “proactive safety.” The campaign featured real employees in TV and print that go above and beyond their duties to help clients.

Sharp "Hologram"

Citibank "Flight Instructions"

Liberty Mutual "Ergonomics"
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